For those of you that have been coming to this site for a long time, you might be noticing an increase in the the number of Warhammer Fantasy posts, (and even some Dark Age thrown in). This attention is due to a couple of different things, that have been on my mind for a bit.

We All Play Many Different Games
Really, my interest has more and more been focused on the hobby as a whole, and I have several requests over the years if I could include some fantasy news and rumors on the site. I think many in our hobby, especially the older hobbyist play fantasy, and love the game and the setting. 

A Hobby Interconnected
The longer I have been doing this, the more and more I see Fantasy and 40k as two separate games that are very much connected at the hip. Examples are very easy to see now in 40k 6th edition, with allies, true line of sight, pre-measuring, and now it looking like flyers are going to be coming back to Fantasy in its next edition So I feel that keeping up on one, very much influences the other. In that regard we become a little more knowledgeable if we know whats going on in both systems. 

So yes, you can expect to see a little wider array of games here, although like normal you can always expect 40k to stay on the top of my mind, and my posts. This industry and hobby can change and grow a lot quickly, so its wise to open the net up a little bit wider to insure we are getting a better overall picture of what is happening.
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