This is part of two of my obsessiveness about dice. Yes, I have bought dice by the pound, and am not ashamed to admit it. In fact, I have Mcmenamin's Beer Jars full of dice. I know most of you do not know what that is, but picture a very large Jar that is meant for holding beer.. This is about  more research I have put into dice.

(this is a repost from some time ago. I am in route to Valhalla, and am currently trying to get a little sleep the night before.)

Part two is about my own research into dice, and how expensive casino quality "small" dice can be. In fact, small 1/2" Casino dice with your color choice are available. They generally run about $8 apiece, and come in different colors.

Casino Dice are 3/4" dice and are ridiculous to roll on a warhammer table. Yes I have seen a lot of people do this. If you are going to go through the problem of finding dice like these, please find some 1/2" ones. I have done this research in the past, and here is the link.

You may be able to find cheaper ones.

Now lets move past Casino Dice, because there is something out there called precision dice. Basically these are dice makers that work their butts off to make dice that statistically accurate. The link above to the 1/2" casino dice calls their dice precision dice as well (because they are too small for a casino).

A company called Gamescience makes a great dice product, and in fact, I own many of their dice. So do several of my friends. While this guy that makes these dice is a little bit obsessive.... like myself.... but i think he beats me a little, I do like his dice.

I am including his videos here, because he discusses something of value in his videos........ how dice are made. Here are his videos. Really its not important to watch the whole thing, and I suggest not doing so, unless you have 20 minutes to kill.

You can buy them from his site, which links you to gamestation anyways, or you can go straight to gamestation. Simply go to gamestation and they have a dice search boxes along the left hand side of the page. You want d6, and precision dice.

Ok, I am done with dice for a bit. I hope for those of you about to begin on your Holy Quest for the Holy Grail get it going a lot quicker than I did. I am still on it, although I do really like the precision dice that Gamescience makes. However, once you are spending money on quality dice, look at GW's new Munitorium dice, and suddenly the price for what you get is looking very good. Thus far.... two games in, my dice are rolling a very noticeable average.

Please do not go beyond crazy..... with dice.
More subjects on dice that you can do your own research on.... is something called practiced rolling. It does happen, and its a good subject to know about (so that you can make sure your opponent is not doing it in tournaments). There really are people in this world that are good at practiced rolling and some professional Craps Players, but lets not get paranoid. Lets get back to the table top for some 40k.  : )
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