On occasion I get these emails, asking for advice on the subject of blogging. Personally I think they should be asking someone else....  After all, what the hell do I know?

So while try and answer just about every email I get, I thought I would share my quick response on the subject of blogging. By all means you bloggers out there, if you have anything additional to add, please do so.

My response to an Email 

Blogging is a tough subject. Definitely send me a link, and lets get you lined up for a BlogExchange spotlight in the next week or so. The most important thing is to not ignore your blog. You will only get back half of anything you put into it. If you want readers (so that you don't go crazy by talking to yourself for the first 9 months), stay consistent, blog regularly. Use lots of pictures, as wall of texts are boring to read. 

First and foremost, you can only do what you can do. People do not magically just appear to read your blog. Interconnect yourself into the community, by registering with other site networks, (like the blogexchange), the one over on bols, and any other network you can find. Lots of them have requirements. 

Set yourself goals, and dive in, whether its one to two posts a week to start, or more. My nitch is not where I started. So who knows, dive in and see where you go. And please please, not acceptable topics include "not knowing what to blog about today", "Ive got to do more blogging", or "Im back from taking a break from blogging" or anything that resembles these subjects. (only extremely loyal followers, friends you personally know, or crazy people will read those subjects). 

Blogging is about information and ideas, and what a great place to find both.
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