With so many releases, and knowing that we are seeing something big every month coming from Games Workshop, we have been trying to figure out exactly how the rest of 2013 will turn out. Well, Stickmonkey has laid out what he has down as a release schedule for 2013, and it of course correlates with the Hastings line up.

Please note, that I am not doing anything for April's Fools Day. Not really appropriate for this kind of site. unless it was beyond obvious.

Please remember that these are rumors, although they are looking very good at the moment. This list is starting to make a lot of sense from previous rumors.

Of course, I am getting more than a little excited for Eldar.

via Stickmonkey from the Faeit 212 inbox
May: High Elves
June: Eldar
July: Apocalypse
August: Lizardmen
September: Blood Bowl
October: Space Marines
November: Dwarves?
December: Hobbit
January: Tyranids

I had Dwarves a lot sooner than others, so its probably safe to leave a question mark.  It could possibly be brettonians or wood elves.   Im basing my prediction of Dwarves on where I recall them being design wise, which was right after lizardmen.  

I've had multiple confirmations of space marines being the last 40k codex of 2013 and Tyranids being the first codex of 2014.  

October is a Black Box release, blood bowl and Warhammer quest have come up, although...it could be something surprisingly different...

When Hastings weighs in, I'd go with his schedule always.

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