If you were skeptical that Tau were going to be released in April, well, here is yet another rumor set about what is to be seen in the Tau codex. Characters, model releases, Firewarrior Overwatch, the Riptides pt cost, and more.

Even though it seems we are right around the corner for this release, please remember that these are still very much rumors. Salt is always required. (Not to mention that we always are only seeing parts of the rules, and not the complete picture...... No sky is falling ever at this point)

via the Dude over on Warseer pt 1
More info is coming to light regarding the Tau release. What I've personally heard is:
*Aun'shi is rumoured to be returning.
*Two new characters are said to be included.
*One character is a tank commander (presumably a vehicle upgrade) like Pask from the IG Codex. He is supposedly in a Hammerhead and allows it to overwatch.
*The other Character allows Fire Warriors to consolidate after Overwatch.
*So it seems Overwatch is going to be the Tau's special trick, at least from a Fire Warrior perspective.
*The large suit thats been rumoured for a while is supposedly called the Riptide. It is a Jump Monstrous Creature armed with Ion Cannon and standard Battlesuit support weapons.
*The Ion Cannon can reportedly use two fire modes, Heavy 3 (possibly 4) and single shot Large Blast.

I have heard of the following releases:
*Riptide large suit
*Flyer dual kit (fighter and bomber)
*New Battlesuit and Broadside models (not sure if these dual kit or not)
*Plastic Pathfinders
*A new Fire Warrior HQ (not sure if the special character mentioned above or a generic one)

via the Dude pt 2
*Ethereals buff units that they join with a selection of effects. One such effect gives an extra shot. This combined with a piece of wargear that adds 6" max range to the squad means that it's possible to rapid fire 3 shots at 18".
*Apparently this can potentially be 4 if the Fire Warrior special character is also attached.
*Riptide is rumoured to be around 165 base but only start with twin-linked Plasma.
*The Ion Accelerator is apparently an upgrade: three S7 AP3 shots or one S8 AP2 Large Blast.

*There's supposedly a special rule on the Riptide called Nova Accelerator which can do 4 things:
Buff weaponry (unsure how or which weapons)
Double the shots of support weapons (missile pods ect)
Increase invulnerable save to 3++
Boost a stat (unknown which or by how much)

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