The Astropate is reporting the Tau release list with pricing. I am going to say that something is off, simply because of some of the odd numbers. Example $50.24 for the codex? So do check this out, as they may simply be price conversions.

Please remember that these are still rumored, however, this should be a fact here in the next day or so.

via The Astropate: News and Rumors
Codex: Tau Empire: $50.24
Tau Empire Battleforce: $130
Tau Empire XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team (3): $75
Tau Empire Pathfinder Team (8): $35
Hammerhead: $57.96
Tau Empire Sun Shark Bomber/Razorshark Fighter: $65
Tau Empire XV104 Riptide Battlesuit: $85
Tau Empire XV88 Broadside Battlesuit: $50
Fireblade Cadre: $19.32
Crisis Suit commander: $42.51
Farsight: $50.24
Shi´vre (Finecast) $20.61
Sha´ng (Finecast): $16.75

Shi'vre is the Pathfinder SC, Darkstrider.
Sha'ng is the Tank Commander Longknife.
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