Hastings has been busy and has expanded up on this release order, bringing us through probably mid next year.... although no time table was given, just the order of things. Of course Hastings word is considered canon, by not only most of the online community but by myself as well.

The Allied supplement rumor has been floating along for quite a long time now, and with this, unless more comes to light, it is dead. "There is no Allies Supplement".

This list also appears to correlate with what we had been hearing is in playtesting. So exciting times are ahead!

Please remember that while rumors are rumors, Hastings words tend to be Canon.

75hastings69  over on warseer
There's no allies supplement. So I'm not sure when we might see this kroot monster that 2 people have seen.

Release order discussion from warseer
Tau are next, then Eldar. Sisters, Templars, Orks, and probably Nids need books before IG does.

75hastings69 response
Not quite, remove sisters & Templars...... replace with SM & IG....... Although the order of them might be mixed up a bit 

Oops my mistake, I thought you were listing the order, then I realised you were listing codex that need updating before IG ....... still a little further look ahead in the future of 40k never did any harm did it?

another posted question
I was under the impression it was Tau, Eldar, Orks, SM, Nids, then Guard?

75hastings69 answer.
Move the orks

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