Here they are..... and of course the limited edition cover is now revealed! Tau Armies across the world are rejoicing and preparing to hit the table tops everywhere.

Here is your link

There are also some Tau Bundles that are up.
Tau Empire One-Click Launch Collection $304.50
Battlesight Enclave $413
Farsight Enclave $214
Kroot Mercenary Force  $97.25
Tau Recon Team $91.50
Shadowsun Firestrike Hunter Cadre $712.75

Of course here are the releases as well.
Codex: Tau Empire $49.50
XV104 Riptide Battlesuit $85.00
XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team $65.00
Sun Shark Bomber $65.00
XV88 Broadside Battlesuit $50.00
Hammerhead Gunship $60.00
Pathfinder Team $35.00
Cadre Fireblade $20.00
Commander Farsight $50.00
XV8 Battlesuit Commander $41.00
Darkstrider $19.25
Longstrike $16.00
Farsight Enclave Fire Warriors Shoulder Pads $13.25

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