This is often a sore subject......but here are some answers from some people that actually live down under. With Warhammer 40k being such a worldwide community, it is no wonder that someone from Australia looks at pricing in other countries, and says wow.... I'm getting screwed. Are GW's pricing rates unique to other imports in Australia?

Now you cannot sell online to other countries, and other retailer restrictions from GW are getting tougher and tougher. I do see that some protection is needed for GW investments in brick and mortars in Australia, especially if everyone is buying from online companies.

This post is more about comments from people that live in Australia about the issue, not just anonymous online rage.

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Ryan Daniels
March 22, 2013 at 6:24 AM
Hey natfka cheers for adding my email to your post there glad to contribute. look guys here in Aus it does cost alot more for alot of GW and well everything else. i used to work with guys who moved down from the UK and they complained about the price of just about everything down here.

we pay about double you price in the UK for the following stuff from what i got told: beer, most groceries, cars, pc games, clothing, pretty much everything but fuel petrol is the only decently priced thing because it is government regulated to a degree.

everything else in Aus is pretty much set your price and we lump it now with online people are able to recoup a bit but the majority are still super expensive. current example is SC2 std edition is 80 bucks here aus slab of beer is about 40 bucks for 24 cans. GW stuff is just on par with how overpriced everything else is.

so essentially unless our government give our consumer watchdog some teeth to fix prices to the world wide market then we will just keep getting screwed.

ill admit i have to budget alot more to find my armies now because they cost alot more but i still buy from both GW direct and my local as a wanna see my hobby survive and enjoy it.

i understand why we all bitch about the price with all these other games in the market but none of them have the same scope or depth as 40k and fantasy IMO.

March 22, 2013 at 5:42 AM
lets not forget that high pricing for Australia is not unique to GW:

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