Prices are out, the codex cover is out, and its going to be Tau everywhere for the next week or so. Take a look at some new images in French of course, and the pricing in US dollars courtesy of Bols.

This just in from over on Bols, via Larry Vela

ProductDetailPrice (USD)
Codex: Tau Empire (English)104p Full Color Hardcover$49.50
XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team9 minis$65.00
Pathfinder Team13 minis$35.00
Hammerhead Gunship1 mini$60.00
Sun Shark Bomber1 mini$65.00
XV104 Riptide Battlesuit1 mini$85.00
XV88 Broadside Battlesuit3 minis$50.00
Cadre Fireblade1 mini$20.00
Tau Empire Battleforce30 minis$120.00

Advanced orders go up March 30th
Street date is April 6th

Here are some more pics,

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