Last week some models have either gone missing, or are seriously delayed. A couple in fact show that to get them in the US is a 4 to 5 week delivery online. Could this be that a new model is being done? Perhaps upgrading to the new hull like the Chimera? Its hard to say exactly, whether or not inventory is just low, or its something else.

Please remember that just because a model is not immediately available does not mean a new model is about to take its place. However it is worth notice. Below are a bunch of comments regarding the Basilisk and other models.

via xxRavenxx
On monday (of last week), the Basilisk kit was pulled from trade sales. (Also some dwarves. I can't be bothered posting two threads, so someone else can go put that in fantasy.)

This is most likely because the other "chimera chassis" tanks will be joining it in its kit.

Wierdly, the Catachans also vanished. I think that might be due to poor sales though.

via BramGaunt
Several german Hobby bunkers are no longer supplied with catachan versions of the IG kits (goes for the command squad aswell) a friend of mine told me. might be due to shelf space reduction.

via Rogue Star
I can see the Catachan infantry squad on their website right now? Am I missing something?
On the US Site it is 4 to 5 weeks for delivery. Cadians ship within 24 hours. Might mean a re-cut hopefully.

via BattleSarge
Also the Basilisk is 5 to 6 weeks for shipping.

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