In the last few days we have seen a lot about the Tau, and there are more questions than there are answers right now. What exactly is the Riptide, what does it come with, and what are its upgrades are a huge one. Not only that, but now we have seen the model (box cover art), and the excitement is going nuts. This model is "freakin huge".

Please remember that while we are getting close to release dates, and this comes from a good source.... always add a grain of salt until the codex is in hand.

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
To answer some questions for your readers:
*The suit starts with rail cannons and can upgrade them to the Ion Weapon. 

*The profiles you have listed are wrong, but it does indeed have blast and shot options. (from yesterday)

*It does divert power from it's reactor to different systems at the start of each Tau turn, lasting until the next turn and starts with one system active. 

*One includes the gun, which is how you change it from shots to a blast. 

*For those of you wondering; yes the blast is better than the multi-shots. 

*It isn't like submunitions, or dispersed firing. Think of it more like megaman's buster. It gets powers up and fires a big shot instead of rapidly firing smaller shots (granted it's from a big gun). 
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