It appears that the Strategy publisher/publisher Slitherine just announced that they have been granted a 40k license. We know that Full Control has a Space Hulk game underway, but now it seems that we will be seeing another game being developed as well.

Games Workshop is really starting to expand the Genre, by granting lots of different Video Game companies licenses to  developing a 40k game. This would be great for our hobby if this is a new push by Games Workshop to expand their market. Its exciting too, as many people are introduced to 40k, and what it has to offer.

Here is a statement from Slitherine:
“This deal represents yet another testament to our continuous aim to reach new audiences, without losing sight of who we are and what we do best. It’s all about creating strategy games that are targeted to a particular audience and addressing a very specific need in the market. The Warhammer 40,000 setting is a perfect fit for the style of strategy games that we make and will be very popular with fantasy and science fiction fans alike. Joining forces with Games Workshop will allow us to bring an wonderfully deep and appropriate IP to the Turn Based Strategy genre”.

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