There is something amiss. I am seeing a lot of early information that is somehow suggesting something different may be on the horizon.

Take a look at this.....

First off, this was sent into us via an anonymous source that says they are working on some all Gretchin lists for Orks. Now these rumors are coming from different sources, so its quite surprising that we are getting such odd rumor bits, like CSM's in playtesting somewhere. Now this.... An all Grot list.

Perhaps this is a step towards what we will be seeing for an Allied supplement, or some other big change coming up. Now this is speculation on my part, but I am trying to see a bigger picture.

Until we know more, I will of course report on what we are sent and can find. So check out the following rumor bits.

Please remember that these are rumors, although they are still playtest rumors. These all could be tests for an Ork codex, as the above is simply my own observations on what I have been seeing. This set is from a different source than we have been hearing from over the last few days.

via an anonymous source
I dont think this is for a new Orks Codex, or a new Codex at all yet though. This is what is being worked on.

grot boss - a big grot almost an ork.
Gretchin Weirdling - grot psyker. Lvl1. Upgrade to lvl 2. Access to divination, gork, and mork lists
Killa kans in elite.
Gretchin - can take control collars no ork herder like in ork list. 5-20 unit. Cheaper than ork codex gretchin by a pt. Can take whirlybird or looted wagon as dt
Squig runts- sounds like 40k equivalent of squig hoppers
Whirlybird – looks like a Huey hit with ork hammer, bomb doors underneath to drop gretchin
Grot scootas - rocket propelled skateboarders? Squad of 5-10. Hvy bolter profile weapon.
Grot buggies - drive by assault 8 grot blastas
Grot rocket - single shot roket with large range and big blast.

Big Guns – control collar option again, the ones from ork codex, plus a flakk gun with skyfire
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