Tau are getting close, and I had another confirmation last night that they are indeed coming in April. If this doesn't start to get everyone excited for Tau, I don't know what will.

In this set, there were some bits of information floating around over on 3++, so this is what was found. Please remember that these are rumors, some salt is always required.

via 3++ is the New Black (from inside the Chatbawks)
Broadsides - 85 pts with S8 Ap1 Skyfire; not sure if this is in place of old S10 AP1 or if the 85 points + skyfire is an option but its there
Hammerheads - regardless of what Railguns are now in general, keeps S10 AP1
SMS - twin-linked, ignores cover
Crisis Suits - not likely to move to Troops as an option
Disruption Pods - only +1 cover

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