Its been a big issue on whether or not the Thunderhawk gunship seen in the recent White Dwarf photo is a new plastic one, or simply a Forgeworld model with slight differences. Here is an image of what might actually be our mysterious Thunderhawk gunship back in 2010. (images below)

So What is Your Take? Its starting to look much like the Forgeworld models. So it looks like we can all get back to dreaming about the day when Games Workshop is going to release a plastic Thunderhawk Gunship.

Oh yea..... I also received this from a source regarding the White Dwarf pic.
rumours of Plastic thunderhawk... this aint happening and the thunderhawk in the pics that are floating around the net is by FW.

and this
 I knew I remembered seeing this before. Attached are two photos from 2010, showing the same style Thunderhawk, different from the FW version. 

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