There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming Tau codex release, and specifically Broadsides and their twinlinked railguns. Well, I have some new information, and collated info from the comments and rumors that we can at least get whats on the table with them.

Please remember that these are rumors.

This was from earlier today

via 3++ is the New Black (from inside the Chatbawks)
Broadsides - 85 pts with S8 Ap1 Skyfire; not sure if this is in place of old S10 AP1 or if the 85 points + skyfire is an option but its there.

Here is a response from a very reliable rumor checker that sometimes comes in to help us take a closer look at rumors.
via an anonymous source

They're not 85 points base, that's including their Skyfire upgrade.

They are indeed STR 8 AP 1 however on the broadside suits, then pay to add skyfire, but not interceptor.

this is from the comment section of the post from earlier today.

via shaso_icebornMarch 13, 2013 at 2:10 PM
or Rail Rifle S6 Ap3, Rail Gun S8 Ap1 Skyfire (with option for interceptor) and Rail Cannon S10 Ap1.

Can anybody guess where these now go? it's pretty obvious isn't it?

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