The Riptide is known to have something called a Nova Engine. Apparently it is dangerous to activate, as it overcharges the weapon or other types of results..... like taking a wound. Here is the latest on the Riptides Noava Engine.

Please remember that this is a rumor, salt is always required.

via The Dude over on Warseer
Just heard the following:

Activating the Riptide's Nova Engine is risky. It only works on a 3+. If it fails to activate (roll of 1-2) the Riptide suffers a wound.

The weapon buff result for the Nova Engine supposedly buffs the large blast of the Ion Accelerator to S9 AP1, so there's your anti tank gun

Also, apparently Broadsides with missiles get 4 shots each at S7 AP4.

Of course I'm not sure the mechanics of the Nova Engine, but it appears to me to be a simple random table with1-2 being take a wound and 3-4 being one of the four rumoured buffs. If this is the case, you wouldn't be able to rely on it happening.

Also, if the charged profile does have a drawback like Gets Hot, you are twice risking self harm to get that one mega shot off.

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