The Ork rumors keep on filtering in, and there is a few here for Flashgits, Meks, Stormboyz, Buggy's and Trukks. There is even a new Mek Tank listed here in this rumor set.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via BoLS 
Mek Tank – Sporting a giant Shokk Attack Gun, firing Bomb Squigs. Tank can purchase a KFF.

Flashgits - Their Snazz guns roll for random range each turn (12+3d6). On a triple 1 they overheat like Gets Hot. The unit may purchase upgrades like +1 BS, +1A, blast, rapid fire, skyfire, ans others, several are mutually exclusive.

Boys - cheaper!

Meks - Look for ability to field an increased number of Deffdreads and Kanns than currently.

Stormboyz - Gain a "Rocket boost" attack that can target flyers. They must move 18” and if they pass a flyer they each get 2 attacks on it as if assaulting a vehicle. Move as infantry during their next turn. Looks like the designers played a lot of THQ's Space Marine!

Buggys / Trakks - May tank shock if they are upgraded with spiked plates/wheels.
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