W now are recieving leaks from people that have already recieved their White Dwarf this month. So here are pics of some items that are scheduled to be released on the1st and 15th of September.

The prices below are in US dollars and are from the leaked September release post we had a while back.

Dark Vengeance Figure Case Sept-1   $66.00

Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Weapons  Sept-15   $13.50

via Redemption NL on Warseer
Just got my White Dwarf in:
- The Dark Vengeance figure case has form fitting slots for the miniatures.
- Sternguard veteran weapons have: heavy bolter with tripod, combi-flamer, combi-plasma, combi-melta, heavy flamer and a pair of lightning claws, all for power armour.
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