This news is a couple days old now, and Bigred over on the Bols Lounge has been keeping the best tabs on this. We have been loosely following this for some time now, so this is just more of an update, since lawsuits like this take an extremely long time to hash out.

I am not going to go through any of the details or give my opinions here. Lets keep it civil.

via Bigred on Bols Lounge
Hundreds of pages dropped into the public record this week from the ongoing case.

Both sides submitted 25 page motions for summary judgement to the Illinois District court with their strongest arguments. The discovery process is over, and high ranking Games Workshop and Chapterhouse staff, as well as expert witnesses testimony is now on the public record.

Here's a brief guided tour:
Partial Index of Recent Exhibits

Games Workshop Motion for Summary Judgement
Chapterhouse Motion for Summary Judgement

Expert Witnesses Testimony
- British Copyright Law Experts (supporting GW) Exhibit 8
- British Copyright Law Expert (Supporting CHS) Exhibit 9
- Military Symbology Expert (supporting CHS) Exhibit 12-13

Staff Testimony
Andrew Jones - GW Head of Legal, Licensing Exhibit 15
Alan Merrett - GW Head of IP Exhibit 17-19
Gillian Stevenson - GW Chief Counsel Exhibit 22-23
John Blanche - GW Art Director Exhibit 27

Master Case Archives
There are hundreds of pages of unlabeled supporting documents from both sides from document 204.0 on downward.

The case is ongong.

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