Dark Vengeance is only a short few days before pre-orders and now we have the pricing and release information regarding both the Limited Edition and the Standard Starter Sets.

via Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)

The Standard 6th Edition Starter that does not have the Chaplin in it will not be available upon initial release. 

Only the Limited Edition Starter Set will be available on release day. Sept 1. Once it sells out, no more are being produced. At that point only the standard edition will be available.

The prices for Dark Vengeance are the following.... US Dollars
Limited Edition: $107
Standard $99

The only difference between the sets is the Chaplin model for Dark Angels. 

There will be a transition period where stores are carrying both by nature of sales vs. order. 
Either the next run, or the one after that (I can't confirm) will be when standards start

From a different source
I am told that the standard starter sets will not be available until after the 8th.
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