This bit I am posting up for a couple different reasons. The first is because if this is true, and the rulebook will not contain all the rules, its going to be a very disappointing release. Second, and the most likely, is that some red shirt was going a bit above and beyond, and being rather rude while lying, to make a small sale. If this is the case, it is important that this guy be weeded out, as it gives a bad image on the front line of the hobby that I love.

Personally I have had good experiences at GW stores when I get to them. (I don't live anywhere near any). Either way this salesmen went over the top, as it appeared to be a rather negative experience for one of our fellow hobbyist. When I have been to one, the ones in Seattle and Edmonton, they have been more than overly friendly and helpful. A great experience over all.

via Mad Mek

i was in my local GW for the 1st time in a while when the staff tried selling me a 6th ed rule book
i said i was going to wait for the starter set for the mini copy , i was then told by this staff the 
starter set will not have the full rule set but a basic rule set and you still need to buy the big rule 
book no matter weather you get the starter or not

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