This is just a short bit on the Horus Heresy, and a little bit more information about the books not being available through GW retail outlets.

I just got back to the grid, so its time to catch up and plug in!

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Faeit 212 ( by a Must Remain Anonymous Source)
Just a tack on to a rumor you have,
Not even the HH books are slated to be available through GW Retail because none of the kits will require GW plastics and thus it would divide sales.

They want to keep the HH line entirely to Forgeworld for a different tier/type of gamer.

It's sort of the compromise for even letting it be run.

Sales projections for it though are really really high, but aimed towards veteran gamers, where as this Christmas is aimed towards new customers from a GW stand point.
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