This last weekend I was discussing what a tournament in 6th edition should look like, and I have say there was lots of comments about it. I will be advertising tournaments on a routine basis that use the rules from the 6th edition rulebook without picking and choosing. If you want your tournament advertised here on Faeit 212, and you are using the following (not removing rules)....... contact me to get added to this list.

Alternating Player Terrain Set up
Double Foc
Mysterious Objectives

MechaniCon 2012 40K Grand Tournament 
(rules pack will be up on the site any day now) 

5 games at 1500 points

We will be using ALL the rules from the new 6th Edition version, As-Is.

Forge World models and lists are permitted.

GW FAQ's will be used - no House Rules.

Scoring to be roughly 50% Battle / 22% Sports / 22% Paint / 6% Quiz + Bonus categories.

The latest FAQ's will be used if published prior to October 20, 2012
The latest Codex may be used if released prior to October 7, 2012
You will receive a bonus score for submitting your list by October 20, 2012

We will be doing judge placed terrain and adjust for fortifications (yes all of them). We are also allowing allies, using mysterious woods, waters, objective and archeotech.

We have the best tables, terrain and sideboards around and are an old school hobby event going into our fourth year. We just joined with another convention this year and the details are below.

October 26-28, 2012 
Crowne Plaza Hotel Secaucus-Meadowlands 
2 Harmon Plaza 
Secaucus, NJ 07094 
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