Lets get to the bottom of the earlier post about what the Starter Set Rulebook is really going to be. I have this just in, and to make sure that everyone knows for certain what its going to be.

We had managers and others chiming in on the previous post about a sales person who tried to sell a 6th ed rulebook to a reader here, by telling him that he would need to purchase the main rulebook for a complete set of rules. That is indeed not the case, nor is it policy at Games Workshop to tell anybody this. Every experience I have had at a Games Workshop store has been extremely good, and I think this was just a bad apple.

So here is the latest on the contents of the 6th edition starter set.

via Faeit 212 from Must Remain Anonymous Source
The post about the starter boxes rulebook is incorrect.

There's a "Let's Get Started" insert, that is 8.5"/11" and a few pages that goes over movement, shooting and close combat with full color pictures, and also includes all the rules for the models in the set.  It's designed specifically for the starter and the examples it gives to explain things are with the units that you get in the box.

In addition, you also get a rulebook.  It is a miniature, black and white softback of the main rulebook stripped of any of the fluff and most if not all of the images.

It includes all of the USRs and is word for word the rulebook.

There has been no internal email stating that the core set rulebook would be insufficient and to advise that.
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