In the latest GW newsletter I received this morning, there was something interesting, at least for myself. So I apologize to many of that this does not effect.

Games Workshop is looking at Portland Oregon for store! At least it appears that way. Portland Oregon is listed below, and unless I am missing something, Portland has not been listed here before. This would definitely change the dynamics of the independents around here, but I think a local store (located in near Washington Square or even Lloyd Center) would be ideal.

While I have no idea of the size or location they are considering, it would do wonders for our hobby to generate some new players this way. We have always been loaded up with lots of independents locally, and lately we had a couple go down, so especially here on the West Side we have lots of wide open space for a GW store. So GW if you are looking at this, Lloyd Center (center of town) to the west side by Washington Square.

via Games Workshop
Career Selection Centers
Want to run your own store? Games Workshop is looking for people in the following locations and will conduct onsite interviews for candidates interested in learning more and pursuing a career in a Games Workshop Hobby Center at scheduled Selection Centers. Apply online and we will contact you about Selection Center dates and locations.

Los Angeles/San Francisco, CA - Apply by 8/18
Sacramento, CA - Apply by 8/22
Seattle, WA - Apply by 8/30
Philadelphia, PA - Apply by 8/31
Phoenix/Tucson, AZ - Apply by 9/6
Birmingham, AL - Apply by 9/10
Las Vegas, NV - Apply by 9/25
Portland, OR - Apply by 9/25
Columbia, SC - Apply byer 9/27
Buffalo, NY - Apply by 10/1
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