This is what we have been hearing, that Games Workshop is going to be coming out with a real FAQ here in the next month or so for 6th edition. What I wanted to do is to start gathering questions that seem to fall into the category of needing a answers. 

So that is what this post is. Any serious questions that you feel need to be answered can be posted in the comments, and then we will collate them on a page above, and I will try and get them into someone that matters at Games Workshop.

The purpose of this is not to bitch moan or complain, but to really help our game with the hope that we will somehow, just maybe get these viewed by someone that matters.

So if you are interested, lets get them going. If you think a question can be easily answered that someone has asked, by all means answer it. It will help the community as a whole if we can get these questions answered.
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