The 11th Company will be doing live video broadcasting at the top tables at Nova starting tonight. So check out below, and head on over to see what is going on.

If you have not ever checked out the 11th company, its something you ought to do. I have done a couple interviews with them in the past, and they are a class act.

via the 11th Company
Next week, the 11th Company will be live video broadcasting the top tables at the Nova Open starting next week Thursday roughly at 4PM Eastern time.
We will have the players wear wireless mics, so you can hear their discussions during their game. We will have between game interviews with various attendees and guests, and have the channel open for players wanting to broadcast their game live before and after the tournaments during open gaming. Please join us in the chat room while watching the broadcasts live Thursday August 30th - Sunday September 2nd, or catch the archived broadcasts after the event.

Pat Higgs
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