Otherworlds Games is hosting a Nova style tournament come August 25th using the rulebook for 6th edition. This means everything from Warlord Traits, Allies and Fortifications are in! Terrain will be set up before hand as they discuss below.

Aug 25th - Other Worlds 1500 pt 40k NOVA Tournament

Other Worlds Games
6350 SW Capitol Highway Portland, OR

We'll be using 2012 NOVA open style missions for each game with army lists of 1500 points.

We are also using the GW FAQS, NOVA FAQ and our own FAQ:OWG FAQ

We are only using the missions format from the NOVA Open. We are not using the other rules from the NOVA Primer.

That means:
Fortifications - In!
Allies - In!
Double Focs - In!
Mysterious Objectives - In!
Warlord Traits - In!
Random Psychic power selection - In!

Terrain & Fortifications:
Terrain will be set-up ahead of time by the T.O. because of time constraints on the tournament. When deploying fortifications, the players will deploy their fortifications on the table by starting with the player that deployed first and alternating between each player until all fortifications are deployed. Fortifications must replace a similar amount of terrain features on the table to the area that the fortification takes up. The removed terrain should be placed to the side of the table to be collected by the T.O. Fortifications can only be placed in their controlling player's deployment zone.

Power Weapons:
In any case where a model is equipped with one or more Power Weapons, you must both MODEL the weapon to the appropriate type (Sword, Ax, Maul, Lance), and list which weapon is equipped on that particular model within your Army List.

We will be playing three 2 hour games with the following time conditions:
- All games go at least 6 turns, or until time runs out.
- At the end of game turn 6, roll a d6: on a 1- 3, the game ends; on a 4-6, play a 7th turn until time runs out.
- Do not begin a new game turn of any kind if there are less than 20 minutes remaining in the round.

All players must bring 5 typed copies of their army lists to the tournament. There is no minimum standard of painting required, non-GW models are welcome to the board, all scratch built models must be approved by the T.O. prior to the tournament. All models must be as WISYWG as possible.

T.O. email: rosecityminis@gmail.com

Buy in is $15 dollars and all prizes will once again be in the form of store credit! First place will have the option to use part of their prize to buy one of the few remaining 25th Anniversary Space Marine Models!

In order to reserve your spot, you must register and pay for the tournament otherwise you just may miss out on a seat.

Doors will open at 11am and play will begin as close to 12:00pm as possible. Play will continue until 6pm or as close to that as we can get.

There are no scheduled breaks during this tournament. You can of course bring food in or order it to the store. Please no outside sodas in the store as we sell several kinds. Bringing in you own coffee, tea, or water is perfectly fine.
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