With 6th edition here, and all sorts of battlefield terrain features and more, I have once again delved into the world of terrain. My goal, to have some of all the terrain types for my games to get fully into the 6th edition tabletop.

Now with the idea of working towards a tournament as well in the Spring of 2013, I am also working on terrain that can be used for the event. After all it will be one of the most limiting factors on how big it is going to be. Not all the terrain I am working on will be used for the tournament. 

Here is a list of some of the things I am planning and/or have already started.

bunkers (2)
dilapidated bastions (2)
ruins (more)
mysterious forests (4)
mysterious rivers (2) Done
ammunition dump (2-4)
barricades and walls (4+) Some already done
comms relay (2)
fuel reserves (2+)
gun emplacements (4)
impact craters already have quite a few done
shield generators (2)
tanglewire (4+) already under construction
tank traps (4) already under construction
trench lines (2+)
wild undergrowth (some)
wreckage/rubble (some)
archeotech artefacts (2)

More forests
more rocky formations

In the pictures...... My latest terrain projects being worked on.
The triangle shaped stands are for barbed wire which I pick up later this week. (GW's Tanglewire to be added to them). Same goes for the fence posts laying horizontally. The tank traps need some cardboard bases etc.

The walls are done, as are the mysterious water features.

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