The Horus Heresy's first book is coming soon, and its Gamesday UK 2012 for the first book's release date. The first book will be a huge hit, and I am hoping we see a series of books that will lead right up onto the Emperors Doorstep. 

Please remember that these are rumors.

Compiled by Bigred on Warseer. Rumors are compiled from Harry and Roguestar on Warseer.
Three books planned - SO FAR. Could be others.
Primarchs and rules for the legions will be covered.

Volume 1 - "BETRAYAL"
Covers the opening of the Heresy, the Dropsite Massacre, the Traitor Legions, space combat in Istvaan, and Primarch models for Angron, Mortarion and Fulgrim.

Legions shown in artwork are:
Emperor's Children
Death Guard
Sons of Horus
World Eaters

Three Primarch's planned are: 

Angron's miniature is described as:
He's advancing, from left to right. Two chainaxes, one in each hand. Right hand going for an overhead chop, the other drawn back against his torso for a sideswipe (because it's Angron, he can't possibly be blocking!). High collar. White shoulder plates. Dreadlock-like neural-implants. Very angry. Link-chain cloak with a few skulls attached...

He is a good bit bigger than a 'normal' marine.
Also, murmurs of a Fellblade...
Out in time for Gamesday UK 2012
Described as a "BIG Book"
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