Definitely my favorite weekly posting currently is the Artist's Showcase. Each week we get some amazing artist's showing off their work, and they truly are works of inspiration. This week is no different and Coloured Dust is an excellent place to visit. So here is ARBAL's Showcase.

This hobby is about many things, but one of the few things it is not often called is art. By any terms of work, or artistic creativity, there are many Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy models found throughout the world that are pure artwork at its finest. From painting, sculpting, and to customization, this hobby produces some of the best, and this is their showcase.

Hello all,
My name is Michal Walczak, and I am the author of the blog "Coloured Dust" ( In real life lead a normal life while working in the IT industry. The adventure began with painting miniatures for over 17 years ago, the game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle at the end of the fourth edition. This adventure for lack of time for the game turned into a mostly painting. Hobby that lets me get away from daily responsibilities and show a little extra creativity. At the moment I paint mainly for their needs. In the future, do not exclude the discretion of painting on commission.

A few months ago I decided to pass on their knowledge, experience and share my work in the pages of my blog "Coloured Dust" (, the contents of which I try to regularly update. In developing his skills also discovered the world of models on a larger scale (54mm and 70mm).

I invite everyone to read!

Michal "ARBAL"

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