FAQ's are said to be on their way to us sometime around September. It seems that GW is taking notes (like at the Chicago Games Day) and trying hard to get a very good FAQ update done for the game.

Please remember that these are rumors. The full article can be found at the link below.

via Adam at Space Wolves
New FAQs are coming around the time of release of the new stater set. This will be the first of the regular PDF updates for 40K.

There was meant to be a massive FAQ update when 6th came out, but they only FAQ'd the psychic powers, which was a big disappointment for many people.

the games designers made a last minute decision to allow everyone to digest the 6th edition rules for a while before making more alterations to the balance of the game.

the big FAQ roll out is coming in a couple of months.

GW is planning to maintain balance with regular FAQ updates and alterations. So, in the example I was given, I was told that Grey Knights Purifiers may have their rules changed or increase in points.

Playing a well rounded army is going to be more important than ever. If you put your faith in death star or the spamming of certain units, you could be in for a rude awakening each time a new PDF Update is rolled out.

White Dwarf
 new units and rules updates in White Dwarf.

White Dwarf is taking a different direction when it comes to battle reports. Apparently we're going to start seeing some proper tournament style armies and seriously brutal battle reports September.
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