There are now a couple 3rd party companies producing xenos aegis defense lines with the gun. The noisiest of course is Chapterhouse Studios with the latest Kickstarter to produce xenos defense lines.

Chapterhouse Studios
Chapterhouse started a kickstarter a few days back, and while I have not picked up anything from Chapterhouse in the past, they have had some fun projects. Of course we all know about the lawsuit. So here is a link to their sci-fi trenches and emplacements terrain kickstarter.

I am sure there are many others, and there is a market for these barricades and walls that fit into our 40k games. Personally I will be sticking to my imperial aegis defense lines. Go ahead and post up your defense line links below (I have seen some really interesting ones out there), if there are more that you think people should be seeing.
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