All three of these new fortifications are designed to fit together with all the Wall of Martyrs Sets. (This sounds cool). Not only that, but each box set is will have its own rules for use in both Apocalypse games and standard Warhammer 40k games.

These fortifications and the rulebook are probably why I want the Apocalypse book. Of course Games Workshop is not making me buy the Apocalypse book to get these rules (rules inside the box is big). Of course I am dying to see some stats and rules for these, and how they are used.

Nothing official has been released, which means any information is still considered rumors.

If you want to see the kits, they still can be found on these forums!/page28

Vengeance Weapons Battery $50
-The box comes with two Vengeance Weapons Batteries. Each can be armed with either a Punisher Gatling Cannon or a Battle Cannon
-The rules for both Apocalypse and Warhammer 40k are included in the box

Firestorm Redoubt $65
-Large fortification that has a pair of Quad-Linked Icarus Lascanons
-The rules for both Apocalypse and Warhammer 40k are included in the box

Aquila Strongpoint $115
-Has two options: Macro-Cannon or Vortex Missile
-Macro Cannon fire at a long range with an enormous blast radius. Can even target flyers.
-Vortex Missile comes with 7 Vortex Missles, which are bigger versions of a Vortex Grenade, but with infinite range
-The rules for both Apocalypse and Warhammer 40k are included in the box

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