Here is the first batch of Apocalypse information showing off the Khorne Lord of Skulls. No pics here, just information. Apocalypse is going to be huge, and I cannot wait to dig into it.

We are going to start off with the Khorne Lord of Skulls tonight, and then move on the next big model release, the Tesseract Vault.

No pics to show, but we all have seen the leaks. While this thing is huge, I still think it will sell well, especially once we get down to what this monstrosity is. I know many people do not like this model, but I am going to be holding out my vote until I get to see the release videos that Games Workshop likes to show just before release day. The model btw is very detailed.

Please remember that nothing is official yet, these are rumors, so a little salt is always required.

Khorne Lord of Skulls
Has the footprint of a Baneblade but is obviously much taller

Options and Load Outs
-Comes with a Gorestorm Cannon and Hades Gatling Cannon
The Gorestorm Cannon can be changed out with a Daemongore Cannon that shoots a stream of boiling blood
The Hades Gatling Cannon is interchangeable with a Skullhurler that fires thousands of biting skulls that rips apart armour.

-Also equiped with a Great Cleaver and apparently the more damage it takes the deadly it gets in close combat

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