Every Chapter will be getting codex supplements, and there is work being done on them. Special notes..... Chaos Space Marines.

This is part one of a conversation, and I simply split the subjects up so that things would not get missed due to its length, while keeping all the details and integrity. So first off we are going to talk about codex supplements, next up.... the Space Marine codex.

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox (very reliable source)
As I told you about a year ago, there are going to be more supplements for pretty much all the codexes, even Chaos Space Marines and Tau: though no work has really been done on the latter.

There is not going to be another Eldar one in 2013.

White Scars is one of the supplement codexes, and it is also complete (borderline printed) so logic dictates it'll be released a few weeks after the SM codex, but I don't have a street date for you.

Space marines will be getting 2 supplement codexes though by the end of 2013, so again... chances are white scars will be one of them.

For the Blood Angels and Space Wolves players, fear not you will be getting full codex support and not just supplements.  Read between those lines.
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