For those of you wondering what the Iyanden hard back codex supplement looks like, here is a first look at it.

Lets talk price. If this thing was a few dollars cheaper, it would be a valuable addition to a collectors book shelves. As it is the full cost of a full codex, and is only 72 pages long (all 6th edition codices are 104 pages so far), I believe its value is much less. It only has a few pages of rules, which I can live with, but at the full cost of a codex? No.

So my suggestion is that if you want to play Iyanden, this is a great thing to have. It is a beautiful book, with great pics, fantastic background, and some cool rules with new wargear. If you are a casual collector, skip this one.

I have really enjoyed the book so far, but I have always loved the background of Iyanden. After seeing these pics I can even think about playing a yellow army. This book makes yellow cool, and the pics are the proof.

As for a codex supplement, I really like these, and I hope that these continue with more army options in the future. The book is sold out in many places, so there is definitely a demand for codex supplements.
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