Escape  is a boardgame in the EDEN universe by Taban Miniatures, a small French Studio. Its often in these types of places, you find great ideas and the start of something grand. So go on over and check out this post apocalyptic survival board game.

As an avid boardgamer (I host a board game night once a month), I like to look into games like this. So check it out, and if you like it, and want to contribute or just know more information, follow the link above.

Also note that there is only 14 hours left on the kickstarter.

via Taban Miniatures for their Kickstarter.
In December 2011, Escape the boardgame was successfully published in France in Ravage magazine. Our goal was to design a low cost and accessible boardgame, quick to set up yet with a very fluid and immersive gameplay !

Escape was a resounding success on newsstands and in hobby stores, with more than 3000 units sold!

But very quickly, the demand for a more luxurious version rose among the players: cardboard battlefield, ready-to-play plastic models instead of paper ones, more scenarios, multi-player support, new characters, and much more…

In order to meet this demand we quickly went back to work….

Today a large part of game design and creation is done, but we lack the ability to finance the production of the tooling for the plastic models or the edition of the high quality cardboard box and gaming material.

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