On the Games Workshop site under the description for the Imperial Bunker for the Wall of Martyrs, is a description that looks to obviously lead us to new releases that are possibly for Apocalypse. New defensive formations.

This is exciting, and here is a first glimpse at some of the new scenery options that look like they might be right around corner.

Here is a link to it as well.

Imperial Defense Line
Aquila Strongpoint
Firestorm Redoubt
Vengeance Weapon Battery
Imperial Defense Emplacement

via Old-Four-Arms on Warseer 
on the GW site in the description of the Imperial Bunker :

"The Imperial Bunker can be combined with the Wall of Martyrs scenery range including the Imperial Defence Line, Aquila Strongpoint, Firestorm Redoubt, Vengeance Weapon Battery, and the Imperial Defence Emplacement. The only limit to how big your Wall of Martyrs set can be is your imagination (and probably the size of your gaming table)."

Aquila Strongpoint, Firestorm Redoubt and Vengeance Weapon Battery could be the 3 new apoc terrain pieces...
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