The leaks are out, and are now very much posted everywhere. Several models are shown, The Master of Marches, Master of Rites, Lord Executioner, and Master of Relics. These pages all come from the latest White Dwarf leaks.

I believe these pics come from Tastytaste first, over on Blood of Kittens, so here is a link to them there.

they can also be found on Dakka

My suggestion is to check them out before they are gone.

These models are finecast resin and are new to be released alongside the Apocalypse release coming out in July.
The Master of Relics
Is the commander of the Devastator Company and an expert at long range engagements

Master of Marches
Is in charge of the Deployment of the chapters marines as well as leading the company into battle

Lord Executioner
Commander of the Assault Companies

Master of Rites
Records and Keeps charge of the traditions of the Chapter
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