Tired of starting the game, your opponent takes his first shot, and bam. You are already losing as he just took first blood.

Lets take a look at Eldar, as secondary objectives are extremely important in 6th edition. Lets not give them away.

Windrider Jetbikes.
Going second with Windriders allows you extreme protection, and allows for small 3 man bike squads to be very effective. If I go second and the game ends at 5, I have just removed 40% of your game to kill my scoring units. Not to mention with the speed of these units, and the flexibility of coming in late where ever you need them, these units are a no brainer. Last minute objective grabbers, and linebreaker, these guys are king.

I am only going to mention these in passing, as I am using them in my current lists for an upcoming tournament. What I will mention is that if you really want to hide your Warlord to deny "slay the warlord", harlequins make an excellent spot. From here they can sit back and use their psychic powers without interruption. Leadership 9 on the Shadowseer is also decent enough to rely upon.

Wave Serpents.
Figured out yet how a 2+ cover save is possible without nightfighting up? Hide a little behind some ruins, with holofields, and a warlord like Eldrad that comes with the Warlord trait "An eye on Distant Storms". This gives stealth (one time only) during your opponents shooting phase to any friendly unit within 12". Of course most of the time you will only be getting a 3+, but that is very cool.

These transports just scream of denying first blood. Since you have not used your shields to shoot yet at the top of the first round, any penetrating hit that gets through your cover save, is downgraded to a glance on a 2+.

Of course if night fighting is up, and your opponent has no spotlights, the cover of darkness will make these things nearly indestructible until first light..

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