Yesterday on the 10th, Games Workshop released 5 digital books. These are the beginnings of three new series of books, Warlords of the Dark Millennium, Munitorum, and  Index Astartes.

The most important aspect of these releases, is that they are the precedence for what is to come, and that digital rulebooks and codices covering not only the iPads and iPhones, but also Android and Kindle.

These are available now, and to really dig into what the books have in store for you, you can head on over to White Dwarf Dailey and check them out, or just follow the links below to go buy them.

I think this is a huge step in the right direction for Games Workshop, and that getting digital products out to other platforms, is a huge must in this market.

Here are links to the products and White Dwarf Daily where you can learn more about each release.
My only real question is, exactly what they mean by including rules in each supplement. I am imagining just the rules for the weapons that we already have, but I would like it confirmed by someone that has some of these.

White Dwarf Dailey

Warlords of the Dark Millennium: Azrael
Munitorum: Shuriken catapults
Munitorum: Ranger long rifle
Index Astartes: Codex Astartes
Index Astartes: Dreadnoughts

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