Dark Eldar are still one of my favorite armies, primarily because they were my first army, and I just love Archons. With a new codex, its time to take a look at what opportunities are out there when allying up these armies, and this morning I thought I would discuss some that I have been looking at.

Harly Death Squads
Still viable? Of course. The provides the unit with veil of tears. This has moved to a psychic power, so its first turn vulnerable, and a bad die roll means he perils and dies with his one wound. So viable yes, usable? Not as much.

Under 2000pt games you are going for Eldrad if you are doing an Archon Death squad unit. Above that, dual FOCs open up the game more for more options.

Beyond that though, Farseers offer a lot of options for your Dark Eldar, with Guide, Prescience, and other great powers, the options are fantastic, and the Farseer is pointed out well to work with Dark Eldar

These guys are also a fantastic option, and can do some amazing things. They can join dark eldar squads, and with their primaris power conceal, really add to the durability of dark eldar units.

Eldar Vehicles
Just strong tough Wave Serpents that can get your eldar units like wraithguard where you need them, and throw down a hail of fire power with serpent shields.

Fire Prisms just fit a dark eldar philosophy, and give you high strength with lance and flexible firing options with a long range.

Need some durablility and tank killing guns? Wraithguard have this in spades. Great options where Dark Eldar are weakest.

Here is your new deathstar unit. Simply add Archons, Farseer, and enjoy the show. High toughess means a lot less wounds coming in at your T6 squad. Not to mention that a re-rollable 3+ or 4++ save is nothing to sneeeze at.

Combining the usage of Splinter Cannons from the Dark Eldar alongside the pyschic powers and durability of the Eldar can be a challenge to find the right combinations. I do feel though that they work well together, and that done right, will be devastating on the tabletop.

What else have you been trying?
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