Someone now has their July White Dwarf, and is letting us all in on exactly what he is seeing in it. So if you are interested in what the latest White Dwarf is revealing to us about the Apoclypse release, this is for you.

Please remember that this is one person very quickly going through the White Dwarf that just arrived for him today.

via Morathi's Darkest Sin  on Warseer
For some odd reason the White Dwarf mags turned up today, the first time we have had White Dwarf before its release date in months. However it would seem to indicate there will be a lot of 'one-click' deals based on the formations appearing online this friday. Of course going on previous one click deals I assume that will mean at zero discount. Tbh its what I expected and it will certainly save me some money, in the sense I won't be buying any of them.

They have a page advertising a few which match the old book... Dread Mob, Leman Russ Tank Company, Carnifex brood, Phoeniix Court of Khaine, Lord of the Black Crusade, plus one I don't recognise as the army is newer than the last Apocalypse update.. Carnival of Pain. (Dark Eldar, Urien Rakarth, Haemonculus, 3x Grotesques, wracks and 3x Talos.)

On a side note the Bombardment dice thingy, is 125 Dice in a clear cube, like their £4 ones. The dice are cool mind, black with red pips, and the one replaced by an Ad-mech symbol. The gamers case is nice mind, half tempted to get one.

They have a few pages show from the book, but the Necron craft isn't one of them. The Khorne Lord of Battles has tzeentch prefered number of Hull Points, as do Baneblade class tanks by the looks of it (both the Stormlord and Stormsword pages are shown.) Also the Khorne Lord of Battles is triple blessed by Khorne, as if you put three of his unholy number alongside one another, that would be his starting points.

like a normal 40K release, the bit on it at the start hints at what it can do fluff wise, they use two in the battle report, so there might be hint of what it can do there, but no defined rules. I could only reference the Lord of Battles stuff, because it is one of nine double page spreads they show when talking about the Apocalypse rulebook near the start. Each pic is two inches by three inches but you can just about make out the text, even at that size.

Skimming the battle report the Vault's main attack is called 'Sky of falling stars' and seems to hint at meteors pounding the battlefield. One of the new templates is five large sized looking blast markers attached to one another so you can string them out, curl them around to represent a line of explosions. I'm guessing it uses that one. (edit - it does)

Also the Aquila fortification gun is noted as a Macro cannon.

one of the double page spreads is about Superheavy walkers, there is also a Heldrake squadron that can do a 60" move at the end of the deployment phase, which seems pretty brutal.

Collectors Edition
Oh and for the first time (well in my mind at least) the Collectors edition is actually worth considering. Not only does it come in a very nice box, with the strategic cards, and a couple extra bits and pieces. It also has every formation in the book printed on card stock, looks like A4 ish size. So you don't need to flick all over the book for Baneblade rules etc and comes with a three panel quick rules screen.

Gamer's Edition
The gamer edition case is lovely by the way, huge double headed eagle on the side and bits of text/warning signs as if its a Vortex Grenade case. Big enough for four Baneblades as well. Although at the moment I am getting really tempted by the collectors, going to have to be quick If I go for one as they are going to fly. Having all the formations as individual card sheets is so blinkin useful, as is the quick reference rules screen with art on the back (like a DM screen) as well as a warzone book that is noted as not being out for several months as an extra, oh and a excellent looking travelling case.

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