Two units and how they work together has been on most sites by now, as most everyone is loving the new Warlock powers when it comes to using them on Windrider Jetibke squads. I am going to go against the grain on this one.

Starting with my now favorite Eldar unit, the Windrider Jetbike. Its flexible, fast, has great saves, and does other amazing things in spades. The more I use this unit, the more I like it. It is the all star of troop choices in the eldar codex and quite possibly the game.

Toughness 4, BS 4, with a save of a 3+, the windriders only weakness is its leadership, which sits at 8. The eldar jetbike is a marine with all the speed to get where ever it wants on the board. For a measly 17pts a model, they are cheap enough, can move 12" in the movement phase, get a 5+ cover for moving, 4+ when they go flat out at 36", and can move 2d6 in the assault phase. The icing on the cake though, is for a minimum squad, you only need 3 of them, can upgrade one per 3 models to a shuriken cannon.

I am glad that I have a ton of these models to start with. They are just that good, and of course who doesnt need more of them.

Now the Warlock on a Jetbike. Sitting at 50pts per model, its the entire cost of a minimum squad of jetbikes, has a leadership of 8, and has access to the some extremely good psychic powers.

Realize first of all, that you currently must split your warlocks away from the warlock council before psychic powers are determined, and that only one warlock per squad may be attached to it.

Psychic powers is what makes unit good. Protect increases the saves of the unit from 3+ to 2+. Making them fearless is not bad, as are most of the powers in the Runes of Battle list. The primaris power is Conceal, which is nice because it gives your unit shrouded.

So take this 3 man squad, add a warlock on a bike and you are looking at 101 points and give the squad a 3+ cover save at minimum. So if you dont like the power you rolled up, just take the primaris and you are good.

Now the problems, and there are two that for me make the warlock a must leave behind. I think eventually when the newness of the dex is gone, people will be following my suit.

50pts is the cost of another squad of Windriders. It costs 51pts to get a squad of three, adding in a character that doubles this is a little crazy. Instead of increasing their survivability, just add another squad. Must better.

Leadership 8. Looking to double the point cost of your base jetbikes with a warseer for its powers. Well this Warlock does nothing to increase the units leadership, and your not going to get your powers every turn. In fact leadership 8 is very unreliable in a game for such a steep cost to this unit, that this is the primary reason I am not taking him.

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