Fun stuff with the Iyanden Supplement. I am mostly through the background now, and I must say, that I am really impressed. The background is very well written and designed. I wont spoil it for anyone except by saying that the book digs deeply into the Iyanden both before, during, and after the Hivefleet Kracken assault on the craftworld.

I am loving the Gifts of Asuryan. Specifically the Soulshrive. I mean really, it just screams of an Autarch that can keep up with my Dark Eldar Archons.

The weapon is S3 AP2 is melee, master crafted, and has a power called Spiritstealer. It increases the Strength of the weapon by one for every unsaved wound it caused earlier in the game. Up to S10 of course.

Throw the Autarch on a bike, give him a warp jump generator, and pow.
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