Blood of Kittens has a hold of quite a bit of information regarding the current trial going on between Chaperhouse and GW. While I am not going to comment on the legal aspects of what is here, I am going to post up the links to the information that TastyTaste has provided. If you want to get a quick rundown, or Tasty's favorite quotes, please check out his site by following the link below.

There really is a lot of blunders, and what should become famous quotes in these documents.

Apparently the trial ends today 6-14-2013

Take some time to dig through the documents, there is some very enlightening testimony there.

via TastyTaste over on Blood of Kittens
Those three documents illustrate the judgements each side is seeking.

As a warning it is an incomplete testimony as well and seems designed to only show off the worst GW IP department has to offer.
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