Earlier in the year we were hearing disturbing reports of all the Games Days becoming smaller events, and this years UK Games Day will be no different. Announced yesterday via the Games Workshop Maidstone Facebook page, the event will be on September 29th and tickets go on sale the 29th of this month.

With only 4000 tickets available, it looks like a mad rush to get them. Best to suit up into your powered armour and grab your bolter.

Here is the information, including the loss of parent tickets, and more.

Games Workshop: Maidstone via their Facebook Page
This years Games Day is limited to Only 4,000 tickets instead of the normal 8,000 and with this in mind, I want to let you all know that it will be first come first served.
I would ask that all of you who want a ticket turn up at my store on SATURDAY 29TH JUNE at 9.30 so as to ensure you get your ticket any questions please either leave here or phone up the store.

29TH SEPTEMBER Ticket coat £35 coach ticket if you need one will be around £25 though this will need to be confirmed

There are no parents tickets this year they are all the same price, and the coach ticket will be around £25, The coach will pick up at Bluewater as it has free parking and will make the journey to the NIA in Birmingham more direct.
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